Pro Flip Jig


Our Pro Flip Jig is the best of all worlds. Pointed head comes through wood and grass great. Wider bottom makes if very versatile jig on those rock banks littered with brush. The flat base also gives it a stand up presentation on the bottom and prevents roll overs which keeps the hook upright while on bottom and swimming. This increases hook ups, and puts more fish in the boat!

Product Specifications

* SUPER SHARP heavy wire Mustad Ultra Point Hooks.
* Streamlined head slips through cover with ease.
* Optimum hook angle for increased hook ups and defensive pose while on bottom.
* Hole In One slip free skirts or Pro Tie skirts available. “PT” denotes Pro Tie
* Powder painted for a smooth finish, and better chip resistance.
* Available in 1/4oz, 3/8th, and 1/2oz. Only $3.19 each!

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Color Chart

Additional information

Head Color

Black, Brown, Green Pumpkin

Weight Size

, ,


Arkansas Craw, Baby Gator, Black, Black Grape Silver Flake, Black Magic, Black Red Flake, Black/Brown/Amber, Bleeding Chart/White, Bleeding Sexy Shad, BNB Chrome, Bruised Melon, Candy Bug, Coleslaw, Crusher, Firecracker, GP Purple, Grape Melon Wine, Grasshopper, Grave Digger, Green Pumpkin, Green Shad, Grim Reaper, Hot Mouse, Kryptonite, Missouri Craw, Old Faithful, Sunfish, Super Sexy, Texas Craw, Voodoo, White Silver Flake, White/Chart Tips, Yellow Perch, Black Emerald, Candied Sour Grape, Citrus Shad, Cracked Melon, Desert Storm, Eggplant, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Magic, Hot Momma, Joker Green, Mad Craw, Melon Rind, Okeechobee Craw, PB&J, Phantom Craw, Pond Perch, Winter Solstice