Nightmare Spinnerbait


Our #1 Selling Spinnerbait!

If you fish at night, this is a MUST HAVE! Our Nightmare spinner bait will flat out catch em. We make them with a slightly different style of Colorado blade that has more flop to it than a standard one. This gives the bait a tremendous amount of thump. Combine that with lighter wires than standard for heavier big bladed baits, and you have a deadly combination. Don’t let the size fool you. The 3/8th is good for super shallow. The 1/2 and 3/4oz fish about the same due to the size change in blades. Both are good from couple of feet to 15ft. If you are fishing deeper than 15ft, the 1oz model would probably be more suitable. These recommendations are for standard retrieves.

Made with only the highest quality materials

* SUPER SHARP Owner Hooks

*Worth Ball Bearing Swivels

*Black Nickel, Nickel and Gold Plated blades available

* 3/8th, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, and 1oz Available.


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Black, Black Grape Silver Flake, Black Magic, Black Red Flake, Black/Brown/Amber, BNB Chrome, Bruised Melon, Candy Bug, Grim Reaper, Old Faithful, Black Emerald, Hot Momma, Joker Green, Winter Solstice


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